The easy-to-use training system for the maritime professional

The demand for skills-training and competence management is increasing rapidly. It’s an expensive and time consuming job to make sure all employees have the relevant training. Shipgaz Training offers a cost efficient and easy-to-use maritime training platform based on proved teaching methods. We are the only maritime online training provider certified by DNV SeaSkill™ in accordance with DNV Standard of Certification for Maritime Training Centres – 3.402. Our courses are produced in cooperation with several professional shipping companies, in order to meet the demands. Shipgaz training is also approved training proviser by the Swedish Transport Agency.


When using Shipgaz Training you don’t have to spend time in a classroom during the leave. Instead you may execute the courses onboard or in the comfort of your own home. Shipgaz Training is also the perfect training tool for personnel managers – the administration is minimal and the system has a high level of transparency. It’s easy to monitor the progress and your employees’ results.


Shipgaz Training offers the following courses online:

Safety Officer

Baltice - Ice Navigation

Thermosetting Plastics

Introduction to the ISM code

Risk Assessment

Environment and Energy Efficiency Training

Securing of Cargo Onboard

Personal Survival Techniques

Safe Work Environment

Operations in Cold Temperatures

Media Training

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

Introduction to MLC 2006

Incident Investigation

Gas detection

Healtyh Cooking / Basis of nutrition

Security Awareness 3.26 & 3.27

Enclosed Space Entry